Cherry Blossoms, 2" Tissue/Metallic

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Confetti: Large 2" Cherry Blossoms
Flameproof and great air-time.

Great for weddings, bridal shows and festive summer events.

A HUGE stack of 50/50 tissue/metallic material. About 600 sheets (1" stack) of pink/white blossoms. About 600 pieces, 2" wide.

Recommended for shooting out of 2" cannons or hand thrown. Can also be used in certain confetti machines where the confetti does not contact the moving fan blades.

Note: This product is available for custom filling in any of our 2" Quick Shot Handheld Disposable Cannons. When ordering the cannons, choose custom and explain what you want in the comment box.

Demo of  Cherry Blossom Confetti ...


Room size as pictured: 25’ x 45’ x 20’.  Confetti hang time is about 5-10 seconds and varies depending on the shooting angle and ceiling height.  This size cannon will not fill this room. For 90% coverage, 8 cannons would be required, spaced out evenly.

Our demo takes place in an empty room with an echo. Sound level of your launch will be heard at a much lower level in a furnished room.

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