Sky High Cannon™ 1" x 8" Model



Reloadable/Reusable.  Made in USA!

1" x 8" model is perfect for small rooms and low ceiling clubs.  Produces a nice burst of fun when fired, with 10-15' of coverage . Theatrical black finish with a gun barrel look. Can be easily re-painted or custom covered to match your event.  

Uses 18' streamers, Stacked Turbofetti (rectangles) , 8 gram CO2, 1" backpresssure cap, and 1" lifting cup.  1" masking tape required for capping off the end (sold seperately). NOTE: Allow a few miniutes to reload between shots.

Uses Refill Kit  #1 (1 kit included free) or purchase items of your choice (sold seperately).   !" masking tape required for     11

Overnight shipping Available. 


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Demo of Sky High Reloadable Cannons.

Room size as pictured: 25’ x 45’ x 20’ high. Average confetti float time is about 5-10 seconds. Your streamer and/or confetti coverage will vary depending on the angle you shoot at, your ceiling height, size of your cannon, as well as what you fill in the cannon.  To gain your desired coverage, in some cases, you may need more then 1 cannon.

FYI: As you can see, our demo takes place in an empty room with echoing. Sound level of your launch will be heard at a much lower level when in a room with carpeting, furniture, drapes and people. Video is offered as a guide only; your results will vary due to area conditions. 

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