Maple Leaf, 3" Stacked 50/50 Metallic/Tissue, 1/2 lb bag


Large 3" 50/50 Metallic/Tissue Maple Leaves

Beautiful sway as they fall.

4 color fall mix of: Red, Green, Gold and Orange

Offered in 1/2 lb box

Great for School Plays, Theatre, Outdoor Events, etc.

Good for use in our WOW Machine and most air and fan driven blowers, or just drop them from the upper trusses or throw them by hand on stage.

Can be shot from 2" or larger cannon barrels. (not for use in 1" barrels)

Maple Leaves Metallic/Tissue Confetti with the WOW Machine

As viewed, room size is 20' high x 24' wide. Your results will vary depending on room conditions and ceiling height.  


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