About Us

Confetti Cannon Direct is a self service website operated by Special F/X, Inc. We are family owned and operated and have been at the same location in New Jersey manufacturing theatrical devices since 1974. We have a worldwide reputation for fast service and outstanding products. Products listed are factory direct so lowest price goes to you.

The products offered on this site are exclusive to customers who understand the mechanical concept of firing CO2 cannons. Products offered are not toys and from a safety standpoint, can be dangerous if misused. Therefore reading and understanding the directions is essential before use.

What makes our Quick Shot Cannons better than all other brands of disposables? It's simple, they work! Easy turning twist fire, water tested for full pressure and all flame resistant material. Not to mention an internal safety screen on all 12" and larger models. 

In addition to the hand held models, we now offer a full line of electric models. These can be found in the section called E-Cartridge Cannons. These cannons use disposable, one time use, E- Cartridges and are the up and coming thing in the touring industry.  To best understand the concept, please watch the very informative You tube videos that are posted on our site. 

Above is a 12" hand held Quick Shot Cannon with white Biofetti.

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What our customers are saying...

I ordered a dozen 20x2 handheld cannons for my daughter's New Year's Eve wedding. They were amazing!! I wish I had ordered a case! It was a last minute idea on my part, but the customer service of your company was excellent. I called and my order was delivered so quickly...even during the Christmas holiday! My husband and I owned 3 manufacturing companies until our retirement two years ago. You don't often find the quality of product AND service offered by your company. BRAVO! I'm recommending to all my friends and will be looking for occasions to use your products.   – Gale M.


Thanks again for your awesome customer service! I will definitely be referring you all to my friends!  - Jemia S.


You are the most efficient company I have ever dealt with.  I am so happy I found you.  You are a great company and I will not hesitate to order again.  - Rick H.


Thanks to all - these confetti cannons are such a fun part of our musical theater shows, the audience goes wild!!  - Donna C.


Just wanted to thank you for the amazing gender reveal experience we were able to have thanks to your company and products!  On Christmas Eve, we found out the gender of our 2nd child, along with about 40 family and friends.  My 2 sisters were the only ones who knew the gender, placed the order for the custom blue cannons, and shot the cannons for the rest of us to find out.  It was an incredible and shocking experience!  Your timeliness with the order around the holidays was greatly appreciated, and the cannons were the perfect size!  Also loved that the confetti was larger than I expected, which made clean up easier! :-)  Thank you again!  Will be sure to purchase from you if needed in the future!    - Christie F.


This is the second show where we've used your product and we LOVE it.  A robust and safe design, fool-proof to operate, and reliable.  Thanks again guys.  - Jeff C.


We love you guys and truly appreciate your professionalism from day one.  I still remember our very first order with you way back when I called inquiring about putting confetti in our show and ended up asking Ed a thousand questions about the stuff, which he answered with great knowledge---and patience!!!  You have ALWAYS gone above and beyond to help us and make ordering fast and easy from ordering to billing to shipping.  You have stellar customer service!  Please pass this along to your entire staff.  -Cherie


Thank you for the great confetti cannons... They really helped end our melodrama with a bang... as the gold mine blew up.  Thank you... what a great product.  – Debra C.


Thank you so much the cannons that we ordered were a huge success and a highlight of the end of our concerts!! They worked perfectly and were extremely easy to use. Loved them!  Thank you for all of your help.   – Tami M.


I can't thank you enough for your timely response and reliable solution. Class act company, I will do what I can to spread the good reviews around my neck of the woods and refer anyone with confetti needs your guys' way! Happy Monday, and thanks again!  - Jade S.


Thank you for our last order!  Our cannon is working well for our new play!  Thanks again for your pleasant customer service and quick turn around! - Kate B.


I did want to say once again I am extremely happy with your online service, fast shipping and overall friendly service from Confetti Cannon Direct.  I'm sure our festival committee will be buying more from you down the road as we grow.  Thanks for all the help.   - Mike L.


Awesome customer service – thank you!!   - Kathy P.


The confetti cannon was a great success.  I took it to my daughters High School football game.  The kids had no clue what I was doing and after the first touchdown they played our fight song and right at the last note I shot it off.  What a great surprise and great hit it was...  Again just wanted to tell you guys what a great product you are selling...   - Anthony