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Review all devices in the on-line catalog noting different styles, i.e., wireless control, electric control,  hand-held and manually fired. Note that all devices mentioned within are fired in any one of the following ways using either air pressure, disposable CO2 cartridges, and prefilled (one time use) Quick Shot cannons. In addition, many of these devices can be easily modified to suit a variety of different productions.


Study your requirements noting the ceiling clearance you have to work with and area you need to cover. (Any obstructions?)


Determine how long you would like the effect(s) to last. Carefully review accessory sheet. If doing several shots, try to determine what extra materials you may need based on your budget. If unsure, feel free to call us for clarification.


Determine color selection, if any. Multi color and white are most popular. Note that streamers clean up much easier than confetti products. All items on this site are flameproof.


Understand that the closer you are to your production date, the less time you have to rehearse and the more costly it will be to receive your last minute shipment.

5. Because we have so many different units to choose from, it will save a lot of time (and guesswork on our part) if we know what price range you have to work with. Try to have a budget in mind before asking us for event recommendations. Before ordering, have credit card details ready. Payment can also be made in several ways.
NOTICE: For rush AIR orders, (not all products are air shippable) feel free to phone ahead to confirm. IMPORTANT: You must supply a street address - NO P.O. Boxes.   Note: Quick Shot Cannons and E Cartridges are not air shippable so be sure to order at least a week in advance.   We ship Quick Shot Cannons and E Cartridges to the lower 48 states only.  We cannot export many of our products, so if you are out of the USA and want to purchase something, you can only buy if you provide a US address to ship to.
WARNING: Metallic streamers should not be used around power lines. When shooting streamers avoid use around trees and indoor hanging objects. Paper goods are for use in dry areas only. Avoid use in rain, around pools, in wet areas, and on wet clothes.
WHEN ORDERING, be sure to order ample accessories for testing and allow time for rehearsal. Most of our products are available in bulk, at a substantial savings. We also have a special confetti networking system. If you don’t see what you need on this list, call us with your request.  All our white paper tissue is UV reflective. NOTICE: We are closed the day before and the day after certain national U.S. holidays. To avoid disappointment, be sure to order several days before any major holiday.

Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:   

We guarantee all products to be free of mechanical defects for 30 days upon receipt. Products found non operational within that time frame will be repaired or replaced FREE OF CHARGE. Warranty does not cover damage due to improper use or rough handling. 

NOTICE: We do not rent or offer any equipment on a test trial basis. Therefore, ALL SALES ARE FINAL!! 

Our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards and rarely require repairs. However, in the unlikely event repairs are needed, most devices can be serviced for a nominal fee.


Read all DIRECTIONS carefully before use. Products offered are for Professional Use Only! The manufacturer and/or reseller is not responsible for any injury or liabilities after purchase relating to use or misuse of any items received.