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2" Lifting Cups

2" Lifting Cups

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2" Lifting Cups  

A lifting cup is a thin double-backed paper cup that fits inside the barrel of most 2" Aerotechnic™ devices. Essentially, it acts as an elevator and lifts the payload up evenly. When it lifts, it spreads open and holds back the gas by forming a tight inner wall seal. This in turn maximizes your pushing power because no gas escapes between the paper products inside. The user will find that when using lifting cups, the streamer load will stay compacted and travel to greater heights producing up to 50% in added pushing power).

Lifting Cup Installation: Select the proper cup that fits the inside of your empty barrel. Squeeze the cup so that one end fits into the barrel. Once the front section is started in, the back section will funnel in easily. Use a ramrod to push the lifting up to the bottom of the barrel. You now can load any safe product of your choice into the device. Since the lifting cups are thin and of poor aerodynamic design, they will usually not travel far. However, you do not want to hit anyone as they may sting. So when using cups, a good rule to follow is - 


NOT for use with Clear Shot Cannons. For use ONLY with Aerotechnic brand cannons that require Backpressure Caps and Lifting Cups to operate. Consult your cannon manufacturer's directions before ordering this item.


The best on the market designd for maxium push!

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