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Aerofetti - Sleeves x 1 1/4" square tissue

Aerofetti - Sleeves x 1 1/4" square tissue

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Confetti: Aerofetti ™

Flameproof Indoor Confetti

This is the highest shooting confetti item on the market!

When packed flat in a 2" CO2 cannon, reaches heights of up to 60' or more!

400 sheets x 1 1/4" square size. Fits 1 1/4" and larger barrels

Good hang time. 12 stacks in a sleeve. A fun item to watch!

Choice of 14 color choices. Note: Loads and performs best in any 2" reloadable cannon. If you do not own a cannon, check out our Sky High Cannons found in our reloadable section.

Don't forget to visit our Tissue Shapes section for more confetti choices.

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