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Sky High Air Cannon

Sky High Air Cannon

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Sky High, Air Cannon
Jumbo 5 gal tank, Air/Electric Operated

This unit is really top of the line and powerful!  Everything on it is high end. Huge high flow 3/4" brass valve, high performance barrel, high pressure pipe fittings.  Shoots 50' streamers up to 100 feet high. Aerofetti  & Turbofetti, and other confetti shapes to heights of up to 35 feet, or more. Heavier streamers can go hundreds of feet! Barrel capacity is large and made to withstand heavy use. Tank holds 5 gallons of compressed air which makes it one of the most powerful units in its class. Great for stadiums and large venues. Produces 4 times the power and triple the confetti/streamer output compared to our smaller, model Compact Air Cannon. So if you are shooting in big venues, or outdoors, this is the ticket. Perfect for shooting stadium streamers, large 50’ streamers as well as small streamers, (just adjust the air pressure lower).

Economically feasible for heavy use in places such as circus arenas, theme parks and large stages. Functions nicely outdoors, off of parade floats and is great for football games. No cylinders to replace, uses (free) regular air available from filling stations or best from your own suitable compressor. Designed be tied into automatic replenishing thus eliminating the need for holding an air hose. Operates best on 80-145 psi. and is pressure tested to 500 psi. Has a built in safety release valve, liquid filled pressure gauge and (¾" high flow electric solenoid valve (see below for additional specs).

This model is set to fire at a 45° angle and can be quickly changed by using the OPTIONAL swivel joint, thus allowing you to adjust barrel to any angle up to 90 degrees. Totally portable and built like a tank! Complete with hefty center carrying handle makes it perfect for fast setup for any production. NOTE: This model is designed to be floor or flat upright mounted only.

Requirements for use:

An air compressor is required to fill the tank, available at: Harbor freight, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. (under 100 bucks) NOTE: For maximum power, your compressor must be at least a 100 psi, rated or higher.

For the most accurate launch, order our optional 115v push-button firing switch, (sold separately). For the most powerful shots, use 2” backpressure caps and 2” lifting cups. (samples included)


115v operation. Heavy duty 5 gallon air tank, 2” x 19” barrel, ramrod, safety cable tether line, direct fill standard ¼” air connection, safety valve, air shut off/bleed valve, etc. (as pictured) Total net weight of cannon is 30 lbs. Shipping weight: 35 lbs

NOTE: cannon base and plumbing configuration may vary slightly from picture.

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