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Biofetti (rice paper material)

Biofetti (rice paper material)

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Go GREEN and leave the confetti cleanup to mother nature.

 Dissolves much faster than regular tissue confetti.


Outdoor wedding at night, backlit from reception room.

 Note, if you shoot ricepaper in sunlight, it sparkles from the light passing through.

Amazing to see!

Introducing, our environmentally friendly water soluble confetti at an affordable price. Made from Oriental rice paper and food coloring, our Biofetti (upon contact with water) shrivels up and slowly melts away in a few days. Product is super thin giving the longest hang time, with a soft transparent appearance. When shot into the sunlight, it sparkles and shines and the light pierces through. Makes perfect wedding shots.

Perfect for outdoor weddings, grassy areas, parades, parking lots, sandy beaches, and most outdoor events. Try some at a very down to earth price.

Dimensions of each stack: 2” x ¾” x  ¾”. NOTE: Store in cool dry locations away from heat.
Stacked in sleeves, bundled in 1 lb boxes, and loose as discribed in drop box.

WARNING: Product is NOT flameproof and for outdoor use only. Avoid cement walkways and smooth surfaces as product becomes slippery as it dissolves. Any discoloration cleans up with soap and water. For areas of concern, use WHITE Biofetti.

Avalable in 3 formats: Stacked in sleeves, Stacked in 1 lb boxes and bulk in 1 lb bags ( loose, no wrapper)

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