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Cannon Cash, 1000 stacked bills

Cannon Cash, 1000 stacked bills

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Cannon Cash™ is funny money or stage bills that are great for shooting out of all cannons. Made of a lightweight paper which produces extra long float time. Same size as real currency but offered at a fraction of it's cost. Fits and performs best when shot out of 2" cannons but fits in smaller barrels if you roll it up. Can be used over if you want to collect it. Mix a few real bills into the pile and watch the crowd go nuts! Offer prizes or free drinks when customer returns one that you marked. Enough in one pack for 1-4 shots out of a 2" barrel and 8-12 shots out of a 1" barrel.

Caution: Product will burn if exposed to open flame. Avoid shooting into hot lights.

Each Stack is 3" high and weighs over a pound.

1000 bills per stack. Printed both sides.


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