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Electric Air Cannon (Compact Model)

Electric Air Cannon (Compact Model)

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Electric Air Cannon

Compact Model, Low Profile Design

This 115 v air cannon will blast out streamers and confetti in the least expensive way since it operates on free air.  Can be refilled with compressed air, reloaded with confetti and/or streamers and reused over and over!  Good for indoor events with low ceilings, tight spots, small stages, wedding halls, etc.



  • No cylinders to replace - uses (free) regular air available from filling stations or from your own suitable air compressor.  Filling pressure allows the user to regulate a strong or weak shot.
  • Large 3/4" air valve.
  • Built in safety valve
  • Super compact, yet powerful.  Two units can fit into a carry-on suitcase.
  • Link several together with standard power cords.
  • Simple assembly, screw on the barrel and attach the 2 stands.
  • Controllable from 115v Push Button Firing Switch included ($29.50 value) or plug into a DMX switch/dimmer pack (not supplied).
  • A sleeve of 18' Streamers and Stacked Turbofetti included for test shots.
  • Can be air shipped anywhere in the USA.


Required Equipment:

  • Air Compressor, 100-150 psi rating (not supplied)
  • Confetti/Streamers –  Recommend 12’, 18’ or 25’ streamers and/or Stacked Confetti or Shapes


Optional Equipment:



  • Air Tank Size:  1 gallon
  • Pressure Rating:  150 psi max.  Air gauge and safety valve included.
  • Dimensions:  12” x 12" x 9" high (without barrel)
  • Total weight: 11 lbs.
  • Barrel size:  1.5” x 18”
  • Power:  Direct Current, 150w – 115v (house current)


Demo of Electric air cannon with high performance barrel




The above test shot was done with 1 sleeve of 18' tissue streamers and 1 sleeve of tissue Turbofetti.  This shot features the new high pressure black barrel. Room height is 20' high x 24' wide. Your results will vary depending on the type of material used, air pressure setting and angle of barrel.

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