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Quick Shot Handheld Disposable Cannon - 20" Medium Shot

Quick Shot Handheld Disposable Cannon - 20" Medium Shot

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Introducing our Pro-line of disposable 
Quick Shot Confetti Cannons


Designed to offer that high tech, stage look, each Confetti Cannon is jam-packed full of fun and excitement! Custom covered in black, for the pro, at a non-pro price. Best disposable cannons on the market.  Our cannons are pretested and will work as advertised, unlike other companies who sell lower grade units that may not produce desired results.
  • Cost effective, safe and easy to use.

  • Comes ready to shoot right out of the box.
  • Nitrogen filled so no danger of fire.
  • Streamer & Turbofetti contents all flameproof.
  • Why rent when you can shoot and discard?
  • The perfect size for a gender reveal party
  • Can order custom filling colors in choice box below
Great for events that require several shots in rapid succession, but have limited budget or manpower. The larger units give tremendous coverage; however, your results will vary depending on type of filling selected, size of cannon, and ceiling clearance.  The higher the ceiling, the better the coverage.  Our 20" x 2" size is great for large stages, street parades, outdoor events and banquet halls with ceiling height of up to 35'.  One time use, so no need to deal with the mechanics of reloading or forgetting to order extra accessories. Just count up the shots needed, and order that amount of cannons. It’s that simple! Use the guidelines below to determine what size is appropriate for your event. Keep several on hand for that last minute job.

Choice of sizes:

Choice of colors:

  • Standard colors - Inventory changes daily.  Standard choices are offered in several color choices as listed below in the "Color Choice Drop Down Menu".  
  • Custom - If you want a special filling, choose the "custom fill" option in the drop down menu and explain in the comment box (at end of checkout).  Additional charges apply.  Final price will appear in cart.

Demo of 20” Quick Shot Cannon with Multi Colored Turbofetti



Room size as pictured: 25’ x 45’ x 20’ high.  Our demo takes place in an empty room with an echo.  Sound level will be heard at a much lower level when used in a furnished room.  Confetti float time is about 10-15 seconds and varies depending on the shooting angle and ceiling height.  NOTE: This size cannon will not fill this room. If you want 90 + % coverage, 4 cannons would be required in each corner.


Demo of Gender Blue Confetti Cannon

This gender event above used 2 of the 20" x 2" Quick Shot Cannons (shot from left and right) with a standard filling of pink streamers & confetti.  If your event is indoors, you may want to choose our smaller 12" x 2" model.  Quick Shot Cannons cannot be rush shipped by AIR service.  If on a party deadline, it's best to order both colors several days in advance by regular ground shipping and save the unused cannon for a future event.  They are custom filled when ordered and cannot be returned.



Directions for Usage: Break the top seal, hold the top section with one hand and twist the bottom half with the other hand to fire.

The Quick Shot Cannons are for Hand Held Use only. If you are looking for information regarding the E-Cartridge Cannons and Refills, click here.


Shipping:  Quick Shot Disposable Cannons cannot be shipped or mailed outside of the contiguous 48 states (not FFA approved).  Disposable Cannons shipped ground service only.  Cannot be air shipped!


Caution: Contents under pressure. Requires good common sense to operate. For adult use only. NOT for use by persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol. For use in dry areas only.
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