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Confetti Cannon Direct

Quick Shot Holster

Quick Shot Holster

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Hands free, Cannon Holster.  Be ready to shoot cannons on short notice!

Ever tried carrying a confetti cannon in your pocket while walking? Its slides all around and many times falls out during your event. Problem solved! Our new clip on holster allows you to carry any 12" disposable cannon and walk hands free at ANY event.

Simply pull your 12" cannon out of its holster, fire it, and return to holster. Keep one on left and one on right side. Nothing left behind after you shoot. No searching for your cannons, on stage or during your walk about event. Hands are free until you are ready! 

Cannon Holster simply clips on to your pants belt, pocket opening, or any firm place around your wast, on front or back pockets or lower cargo shorts pockets. 

 Holster is 6" long and made of lightweight material.

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