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Small Cut Aerofetti 3/4" (snow size)

Small Cut Aerofetti 3/4" (snow size)

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Create a massive SNOWSTORM effect indoors or out!

Small cut Aerofetti works great when shot from 2" cannons, blower systems and WOW Machine. Perfect for magic shows, close up entertainment, small rooms and large stages. Floats and flies forever! Cut size ¾" x ¾" (the size of a dime). Stocked in white, multi neon and red/white/blue blend. Specify choice as listed. Made from ultra thin flameproof tissue. Not for use in wet areas. Custom color runs require a 5 pound minimum order. Recommended average load for a 2" cannon barrel is ½ lb. A ½ lb of this material fills a quart container. (condensed volume)

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