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1" - Backpressure Caps

1" - Backpressure Caps

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1" - Back-pressure Caps 

A back-pressure cap is a thin paper cap that fits externally over a 1" Aerotechnic™ barrel.  Essentially, they hold back pressure until enough is built up to force the pressure cap to blow off. When they do, a semi concussive sound is heard. The user will find, when using caps, the streamer load will travel much further (about 30%) and the product will function more efficiently. In some cases, a smaller CO2 cylinder can be used, decreasing your operating costs. This cap fits over the muzzle end of the barrel and must be taped air tight in place.

Normally, without using an o.d. cap, a streamer device can be safely shot towards people with little fear of injury as long as you are at least 20 feet away. If you are firing up and over the top of a crowd, it doesn't matter how close you are because the streamers and/or cap are falling by gravity at a lower rate of speed. Since the caps are thin and of poor aerodynamic design, they will usually not travel far but I would not want to get hit with one as they do sting. So when using caps, a good rule to follow is ....

Cap Installation: Select the proper cap that fits the outside of your loaded barrel. Slip the cap over and snug it down. IMPORTANT: With masking tape, neatly tape two full turns around side of the barrel and cap. Stagger the wrap so it overlaps both the barrel and the cap. VERY IMPORTANT: After taping, roll your hand around the tape, pressing to form a tight air seal. When firing, you should notice an increased kick, sound and streamer travel. This is your starting point. If you want your shot a little stronger, wrap additional turns of tape around the side. If the bang is too loud or the cannon fails to fire, simply use less tape around the side. WARNING: Too much tape or the use of Duct Tape can cause a dangerous condition. Use only masking tape!! NEVER exceed more than four side turns. Never tape over the top of the cap on any hand held device. The top must be allowed to split or tear off freely, like a pressure release gasket. Warning: When shooting, "DON'T AIM DIRECTLY AT ANYONE".
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