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Confetti Cannon Direct

4 Shot, DMX E-cartridge Cannon

4 Shot, DMX E-cartridge Cannon

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Programmable DMX

4 Shot-Confetti Cannon

Model DMX-4

You can own a state of the art DMX Confetti/Streamer cannon. It comes with a built in programmable (digital) channel address selector for firing up to 4 shots from one device. Also included is a DMX cable and plug in power line. For programming, you must understand DMX programming and have your own DMX board to operate it. NOTE: Cannon is for 115v power only!

EFFECT: Imagine being able to launch confetti & streamers high into the air, from one simple control point by DMX! In addition, you will also enjoy using the, inexpensive, preloaded E-cartridges that are the choice by most pros. These E-cartridges come in 3 sizes and can be exchanged in your launcher in about 10 seconds. So, no loading, no guessing, no hassles, they are preloaded and ready to shoot right out of the box. Another big plus: they operate on low voltage, and do NOT use of pyrotechnics, so the fire Marshal will love them. They are pressurized with nitrogen and that gas does not support flame.

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