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Confetti Cannon Direct

Confetti Cannon: Clear Shot Cannon 3/4" x 16 "

Confetti Cannon: Clear Shot Cannon 3/4" x 16 "

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Nice unit for smaller rooms and small stage shows. Transparent so you can see what you've loaded. Extremely well made, 100% dependable, and EZ to maintain. Fast loading, quick firing: does not require caps, lifters or tape to operate. Save money, reload and shoot over and over! A noce prop that will last for years.

It is recommended that you use any one or more of the following: 12 or 18' streamers, and Microfetti or turbofetti. Requires 1 - 8gr co2, per shot.

Note: stacked confetti and small streamers yield the highest shots (20' or more) but you must have plenty of room! Ok for outdoor use or in buildings with at least 10' ceiling clearance!

Streamers, confetti and CO2 items sold separately and can be found in the catagories on the left side of this page.

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