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Cross, 3" Stacked Metallic/Tissue, 5000 Piece Sleeve

Cross, 3" Stacked Metallic/Tissue, 5000 Piece Sleeve

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Large, 3" Cross Silver/White 50/50 tissue/metallic mix.

Use at your next religious celebration or event - Communion, Confirmation, Baptism, Christening, Easter, Baby Shower or Wedding.

This product comes to you stacked. It will load faster than loose material, travel farther and is super lightweight, producing greater spread and longer air time!

Over 5000 pcs, packaged into a 10" sleeve. Each stack is alternated with a mix of tissue and metallic for the ultimate look! Separates easily! Easy to load, great coverage. Recommended for 2” barrels and blowers. Can be custom loaded into our 2" Hand Held Quickshot Cannons. Ideal for flowing out of our WOW Machine.

Best if used indoors as the metallic portion is not biodegradable. All flame-resistant material.



As viewed, room size is 20' high x 24' wide. 1 package of silver/white crosses will float 45-60 seconds when launched from the Wow Machine. Your results will vary depending on room conditions and ceiling height.
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