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The WOW Machine!

The WOW Machine!

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The WOW Machine!


Create an instant and continuous flow of confetti at the flick of a switch.

A great way to Energize the crowd at an affordable price.

This is a compact, yet powerful, confetti machine that operates on electric (no CO2) propelling out confetti like a whirling tornado!

Double the performance power of similar models on the market!


The WOW Machine is a great way to fill a room with rising confetti (volcano style) without breaking the bank. Machine will produce confetti coverage of up to 20’ radius and up to 20’ high. Works well with most confetti styles, paper and metallic. However, Turbofetti rectangles are the product of choice. The larger the confetti, the better it flies. A 1/2 lb of tissue rectangles will jet out for about 60 seconds, or more!  Metallic confetti works well with a load amount not to exceed 1 lb. Reloads in seconds, and does NOT need an operator; except for filling. Operates on 115v (1200w draw) and can be controlled with any on/off switch. Compatible with DMX operation with the use of a switch pack.

CE rated.

Excellent for use in school plays, small to medium size night clubs, wedding entrances, atop parade floats, or just a big surprise dance party! A must have for any New Year’s party. One step further; just add a few streamer cannons and create a huge stage production.

 The more machines used, the bigger the WOW!

    Get yours today and create your own storm!

Demo of Wow Machine with Large Butterflies



Demo of Wow Machine with Turbofetti rectangles



Demo of Wow Machine with Wiggling WOW Strips



As viewed, room size is 20' high x 24' wide. Your results will vary depending on room conditions and ceiling height.  

Average continuous run time: 30-60 seconds.

 Check out all the shapes you can use for special WOW occasions:   Bats, Clovers, Flowers, Turbofetti, Confetti-Os, Aerofetti, Hearts, Stars, Butterflies, Snow flakes, etc. all found in our Confetti section.



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