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Mega Mortar 2" x 14" (Party Launcher)

Mega Mortar 2" x 14" (Party Launcher)

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Presenting our 2020 remote control model.  Made in USA! 

You can have fun with this model at backyard parties and well as on stage!

Shoot streamers and confetti to great distances with our easy to operate, 2" Mega Mortar!  Fires by remote control yet amazingly, it does not need electric. Instead, it operates from a 25' control line along with a high pressure CO2 trigger valve at end of a thin hose. To operate, simply prep and load the barrel, screw in a new CO2 charge, and push the trigger down. Perfect to end the show or use as a sudden surprise for any special event. Take your event to the next level and shoot confetti like the pros do at a much lower price. Ideal for both large and small stages because shooting distance can be controlled by the angle you set the barrel at, and also by loading in more or less material into the barrel. Self contained so unit can be placed on parade floats, moving stage props as well as center stage. Comparable to our  "Electric Stage Mortar" model at 1/2 the price.


  • No electric needed! 
  • Self-contained unit! 
  • Supplies included for 2 shots:  18' Streamers, 25’ Streamers, Turbofetti™, Aerofetti™, 2" Backpressure Caps, 2" Lifting Cups, 2" Cluster Cones™, 16 gram CO2 Cylinders.


Required Accessories (per each Mega Mortar Shot - sold separately):  

  • Uses Refill Kit #3, or Refill Kit #4 (1 Refill Kit #3 and 1 Refill Kit #4 included free with Mega Mortar purchase) or purchase items individually through the links below:

Optional Accessories (sold separately): 


  • 8" x 12” base
  • 2” x 14” barrel – 2” inside barrel diameter allows a large loading capacity. Perfect for shooting large confetti shapes without damaging them
  • Actual weight:  5 pounds


Shipping:  Can ship by air to all 50 states.

Demo of 2 inch, Mega Mortar



Mortar tested in a room with 20' ceilings. Average coverage, as pictured, 24'w x 35' downrange. Product used: 1 sleeve 18' tissue streamers + 1 sleeve of tissue Turbofetti. 

Your results will vary depending on angle setting, room clearance and products used.  Mortar filmed in an empty room with an echo. Your blast level will be much lower when used in a furnished room.

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