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Wireless Double Shot E-Cartridge Cannon

Wireless Double Shot E-Cartridge Cannon

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NOW designed with both wireless and hard wired control! 

Electrically blast out a large amount of streamers & confetti at an affordable price!

New and improved model offers two barrels so you can double the amount of confetti/streamers in the air! Shoot one low and one high or front to back. Several barrel configurations are possible.

Operate direct, hard wired or with low voltage push button control. Easy to add on extra units (linking) as hard wired or use the wireless transmitter to shoot several at once (included).

Well made with heavy duty construction; will hold up to long running tours. Takes only a moment to setup; reloads in 10 seconds or less. Uses convenient disposable E-cartridges*. Capable of shooting large confetti and/or streamers from 20-50’ in distance.                                          

*(See below for extra E-cartridges available in 3 sizes) 

The perfect choice for all indoor events. Can also be used outdoors (completely wireless with optional battery pack) or with a 115v power supply. Find add-on battery pack in the Electric Disposable Cannon section.

This model will also work by DMX control, with the use of a DMX switch pack/dimmer pack (not included).


Features Include:

  • Wireless launch transmitter  (D code)
  • 25' hard wire launch button
  • On/off lighted safety switch
  • Test/fire safety light
  • 2 halogen long distance test lights
  • Locking angle setting
  • Easy access fuse and battery ports for future use
  • Quick load E-cartridge holder with 2 top plug-in ports
  • Push button bypass jack**



  • Dimensions: 12" x 10" x 8"
  • 115v input - 12-24v output
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 14 lbs.
  • Color:  Black
  • 2 - 12" E Cartridges included


Required Equipment (not included):

  • Disposable E-cartridges*  - up to 2 cartridges required depending on the amount of shots required.  Available in 3 sizes:


Optional Equipment (not included):


* E-cartridges can be found in our Electric Disposable Cannons section. There are three sizes to choose from with several color choices available.  Each cartridge is a one time use.

** In addition to the 25' line & low voltage push button controller, also supplied is a push button bypass jack.  This bypass jack allows you to convert machine away from low voltage and operate several machines on the same, linked 115v power line.  This will allow the user to disregard the low voltage push button and control the machines with standard extension cords and an optional 115v push button (sold separately).  This is especially useful for longer power runs or to link several machines together to fire all at once. 


Shipping:  E-Cartridges cannot be shipped or mailed out of the contiguous 48 states (not FFA approved)

Order yours below.




Wireless and direct fire buttons supplied with each machine

        Launch a single blast or two blasts together.  Several units are linkable with the included transmitter or when using the 115v push button control (sold separately) 




Test shot as seen above is filmed in a room 24 x 45 x 20' high. The streamers traveled past the confetti (about 40' out) and cannot be seen unless you are in the audience. Both barrels shoot in tandem with 23" E-cartridges.

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