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E-Cartridge (Electric/Medium shot) - 19"

E-Cartridge (Electric/Medium shot) - 19"

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19" E-Cartridge

(electric/medium shot)

For overhead clearance of 18' or higher


Our 19" x 2" E-Cartridge is recommended for most indoor nightclubs with 2 story ceilings and school stages.  All white or silver/white colors look best in both dim and bright lighting environments. 

Great coverage when shooting on a 45* angle. Average distance and spread is about 27' x 14' with an average hang time of 10 seconds. Your results will vary depending on ceiling clearance, angle setting, and tube contents.  A floor fan greatly enhances the hang time and coverage. Streamers add greater distance but plenty of headroom is needed to gain the full rainbow effect.

These cartridges are used in our Wireless Single ShotWireless Double Shot and 4 Shot DMX Control E-Cartridge Cannons. You must have one of these base units to fire these E-Cartridges. They cannot be reused or hand fired. They are disposable, one time use cartridges.

  • Cost effective, safe and easy to use.
  • Comes ready to shoot right out of the box. (machine required)
  • Nitrogen filled so no danger of fire.
  • Streamer & Turbofetti contents all flameproof.
  • Why rent when you can shoot and discard? 

Choice of sizes:

Choice of colors:

  • Standard colors - Inventory changes daily.  Standard choices are offered in several color choices as listed below in the "Color Choice Drop Down Menu".  
  • Custom - If you want a special filling not offered in the drop down menu, choose the "custom fill" option and explain in the comment box (at end of checkout).  Additional charges apply.  Final price will appear in cart.

Shipping: E-Cartridges cannot be shipped or mailed out of the contiguous 48 states (not FFA approved).   E-Cartridges are shipped ground service only.  Cannot be air shipped!

Caution:  Contents under pressure.  Requires good common sense to operate.  For adult use only.  NOT for use by persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  For use in dry areas only.

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