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Wireless Single Shot E-Cartridge Cannon (Battery Operated)

Wireless Single Shot E-Cartridge Cannon (Battery Operated)

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Great for cheerleaders, magicians, stage performers, and areas where no power is available.   Super quick setup so no time is lost between performances.

Secretly launch streamer and/or confetti E-Cartridges with a small, wireless key switch, up to 100' away!  No wires to deal with, no barrels to load, no setup time, and no extra personnel to have on staff.  Just carry it out, place it, and walk away.  Save setup fees if operating in a union controlled location which requires a union person to run power to all equipment.  Features a long range transmitter that will allow you to fire several machines at the same time, from one single keypad!   

Our wireless battery model uses our simple quick change, pre-loaded, disposable E-Cartridges*. Each E-Cartridge is good for a one-time use.  The E-Cartridges get their energy from a small, pressurized nitrogen tank, and do NOT use any dangerous pyrotechnics. There are 3 sizes to choose from and you select your size according to your room or event size and budget. Each shot lasts about 15 seconds. 



Features Include:

  • Entire unit is self contained, no wires!
  • Cannon base unit with angle adjustment
  • Safety key switch
  • Long range wireless remote E Code transmitter (up to 100' distance)
  • Halogen long distance test light.
  • Safe, Sealed Lead Acid 12v Battery, with charger (No Lithium)
  • Digital voltage readout


  • Dimensions: 8” x 6” x 9”
  • Power:  12v rechargeable battery (included)
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • 1 – 12” E-Cartridge included


Required Equipment (not included):

  • Disposable E-cartridges*  -  Available in 3 sizes:

12” x 2” E-Cartridge (small shot) for clearance of 12' or higher

19” x 2” E-Cartridge (medium shot) for clearance of 18' or higher

23” x 2” E-Cartridge (large shot) for clearance of 28' or higher

* E-cartridges can be found in our Electric Disposable Cannons section. There are three sizes to choose from with several color choices available.  Each cartridge is a one-time use.


Optional Equipment (not included):



Shipping:  Air shipping and export not offered.




The video above displays 4 test shots with 3 sizes of cartridges (12", 19" and 23").  During the last shot, the streamers bounced off the 20' ceiling and would have gones 50' or more if the room was bigger. 

Room size pictured: 25’ x 45’ x 20’ high.  Demo takes place in an empty room with an echo. Sound level of your launch will be much lower when fired in a populated, furnished room.

Average confetti (Turbofetti) float time is about 10-20 seconds.  Streamer and/or confetti coverage and hang time will vary depending on shooting angle, ceiling height, cartridge size and cartridge contents.  To gain your desired coverage, more than 1 unit may be needed on each side of the staging area.

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