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Sky High Cannon 2" x 18" Model + 1 free test shot.

Sky High Cannon 2" x 18" Model + 1 free test shot.

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SKY HIGH CANNON™ 2" x 18"  Includes 1 free test shot!

Reloadable and Reusable.  Made in the USA, and covered with an all new finish!

The most powerful hand held (reloadable) model available! Shoots 50 foot streamers up to 60 feet into the air and/or any type of confetti! Huge 2” opening so you can shoot large shapes as well as small. Excellent for use at all outdoor events and indoors if you have a tall ceiling.

The power is generated by our revolutionary Backpressure Cap and Lifting Cup system. When fired, unit produces a muffled bang, and recoils, so brawny hands are required. For best visual distance use 50’ streamers, however, smaller sizes are very effective but go less distance. Will shoot any type of confetti, streamers, shapes or almost any safe item you can fit in it.


  • Easy to operate, works with the pull of a double ring! + Rings Can be modified to fire in other configurations
  • Non-pyrotechnic; okay to use just about everywhere! 
  • Theatrical black prism wrap with a natura and durable stage look. Can easily be re-covered to match your desired look. 
  • Supplies included for 1 shot:  ( refill #4)  25' Streamers, Turbofetti™, Aerofetti™, 2" Backpressure Cap, 2" Lifting Cup, 2" Cluster Cone™, 16 gram CO2 Cylinder.


Required Accessories (per each Sky High Cannon Shot - sold separately):  

Optional Accessories (sold separately): 


  • 18" Overall Length
  • 2” Inside barrel diameter - allows a large loading capacity. Perfect for shooting large confetti shapes without damaging them
  • Empty weight:  2 pounds


Additional sizes available:


Caution:  Makes a loud POP when fired. Always fire upward and at least 6' away from anyone’s face.


Shipping:  Overnight shipping Available!

Demo of Sky High Reloadable Cannons



Room size as pictured:  25’ x 45’ x 20’ high.  Average confetti float time is about 5-10 seconds.  Your streamer and/or confetti coverage will vary depending on the shooting angle, ceiling height, cannon size and cannon contents. To gain the desired coverage, more than 1 cannon may be needed.

Demo takes place in an empty room with an echo. Sound level of your launch will be heard at a much lower level when used in a furnished room.  Video is offered as a guide only; your results will vary due to area conditions. 

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