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Sky High Cannon 2" x 6" Model + 1 free test shot

Sky High Cannon 2" x 6" Model + 1 free test shot

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Reloadable and Reusable.  Made in the USA, and covered with an all new finish!

Our 2" x 6" model is small but powerful and ideal for your small to medium sized event. One or two of these units will deliver a robust effect that will brighten any room. Designed to be discrete, (fits in your pocket) only one third the size of our largest Sky High Cannon, yet capable of producing a nice display. Yields good results in tight spots, as well as distance shots. Full 2" inside diameter barrel makes it easy to load and will accept large shapes. Short, stubby 6"overall length makes it easy to handle and pack away. Top of the line construction, will last for years to come. 

Maximum results gained in areas with 12' or higher clearance but will disperse a nice spread of confetti in rooms as low as 8'!  The higher the ceiling, the wider the spread.



  • Easy to operate, works with the pull of a double ring! 
  • Non-pyrotechnic; okay to use just about everywhere! 
  • Theatrical black finish with a gun barrel look. Can be easily re-painted or custom covered to match your event. 
  • Supplies included for 1 shot:  ( refill # 2 1/2) 18' Streamers, Turbofetti™, Aerofetti™, 2" Backpressure Cap, 2" Lifting Cup, 2" Cluster Cone™, 8 gram CO2 Cylinder.


Required Accessories (per each additional Sky High Shot - sold separately):  

  • Uses Refill Kit #2 1/2" (1 kit included free with cannon purchase) or purchase items individually through the links below:

Optional Accessories (sold separately): 


  • 6" Overall Length
  • 2” Inside barrel diameter - allows a large loading capacity. Perfect for shooting large confetti shapes without damaging them


Additional sizes available:


Caution:  Makes a loud POP when fired. Always fire upward and at least 6' away from anyone’s face.


Shipping:  Overnight shipping Available!

Demo of Sky High Reloadable Cannons.

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